Neoclassicism 1:50

2019 / ceramic powder, bulletproof glass / 40 x 66 x 144 cm

Neoclassical architectures have been built repeatedly in the Western world since the late 18thcentury. The style is characterized by dramatic use of columns and geometrical compositions, in which the ancient Greek temple architectures were regarded as ideal. At the time when the style appeared there were historical inspirations such as returning to ‘the basics of beauty’ in arts, influenced by the movement of Enlightenment, and the ‘discovery’ of ‘primitive’ architectures by the progress of archaeological excavations.

The monumentalized style of neoclassicism shows the effect even nowadays when architecture needs to represent some kind of ‘power’, such as prestige. In other words, by giving authority to a historic object in a later context, the object becomes alive as a kind of immortal by instilling it with ‘power’.

What are the important ‘powers’ of today? One of them is ‘speed’ as a power to shorten time and distance. It has been important throughout history, but today’s technology accelerates it and makes it more easily experienced. However, as such ‘power’ becomes a threat, the defence against it must also be strengthened with a counter power.

Neoclassicism 1:50 has the same ‘golden’ ratio as the outside measurement of the Parthenon in Athens, and it is in a 1:50 scale. The inner space of the Parthenon was dedicated to Athena, the goddess of wisdom and warfare, but now only ‘orders’ occupy that space.